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Our Vision
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​All that is done at St Maxentius CE Primary is is driven by our theologically rooted Christian vision for education. This vision, reflects our foundation as a Church school, meets the needs of our school community, and enables people to flourish.

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Our Church : St Maxentius Church

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We are a Church of England Primary School with strong partnerships with St Maxentius Church. We regularly attend Church for services, worship and celbrations. Our children lead services taking on active roles in leading worship and they also participate in family services. We celebrate festivals in church , such as Harvest, Christmas and Easter and gather for services of Rememberance, thanksgiving and initiation into roles services to name but a few! 

Church clergy have a regular visible presence in school, leading worship and supporting curriculum activities which link with Church, for example learning about baptism and marriage. School and church work hand in hand to provide an excellent education and atmosphere which reflect Christain principles and attitudes. Together we ensure our theological Christain Vision and Values enable all within our St Maxentius family flourish!

‘Love your neighbour as yourself’ Mark 12:29-31

Courageous Advocacy 

At St Maxentius we encourage our children to champion something they feel passionate about, to make a difference and make a change! The issues that children advocate may be a large global issue or a smaller issue closer to home or one that has personal significance. 

Courageous Advocacy gives our children a sense of belonging. It gives them an understanding of the world and promotes independence and perseverance, allowing children to understand the world they live in and the change they can bring to make their world a better place.

Our Christian Vision encourages our children to ‘Be Strong and Courageous, Do not be afraid, Do not be discouraged for the Lord your 

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God will be with you wherever you go’ Giving them strength and courage to stand up for causes important and meaningful for them. This vision gives our children the reassurance that God is with them encouraging them in their jorney of change and advocacy. 

We encourage our children to …..

Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves, for the rights of all who are destitute. Speak up and judge fairly; defend the rights of the poor and needy.

Proverbs 31:8-9

Our children feel secure in our nurturing family environment. The sense of togetherness enables children to feel like they belong giving them a sense of community. At St Maxentius we hold community close to our hearts and have supported many community events and local charities. These include : Urban Outreach, local foodbanks, the hygiene bank and Bolton hospice. In addition to this we support other charities such as Children in Need, MacMillan, Children’s airambulance, and the Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal. 

Every Child Flourishing at St Maxentius

At St Maxentius we offer a broad, rich and a well-rounded education which enables each and every child to flourish academically and physically, emotionally and spiritually, socially and morally. 

As a Church of England school, the Bible and its teaching create the inspiration for all aspects of our work inspired by Jesus' words recorded in John's gospel.

  'I have come that they might have life and live it to the full.' John 10:10

The C.E vision for all involved in our school is that we might enable each one to live life to the full and 'flourish', both while they are with us, and as they grow and continue their life journey. 

At St Maxentius we are guided and inspired by our Vision, Values and Motto : 

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Our Vision is at the heart of all we do and our values and motto guide us towards this, influencing all aspects of school life.    

We encourage our children to relish challenge, rise to difficulties and face them with strength and courage. We ask our children to believe in themselves as we do in them , as with self belief, anything is possible! Our children are resilient and never give up, learning from their mistakes and finding success in their journey, reasured that God is with them supporting and     guiding all the way!

We offer a stimulating and varied curriculum, supported by a wide range of enrichment activities and extra-curricular opportunities. There is an excitement and pleasure in learning and children achieve well. The uniqueness of each child is celebrated, and each individual is nurtured through the partnership of children, parents, staff, governors and the church in our st Maxentius family. 

We are dedicated to providing effective teaching and learning with a holistic approach so that the children can shine whether that be in the classroom, on the sports field, on the stage or in any other area of school life.  We nuture childrens spiritual, faith and personal growth which leads to happiness and fufillment. Above all, we provide a safe, caring and nuturing community based on foundations of Love, in which everyone is valued and belongs enabling each child to grow and flourish. 


Our values

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Our 3 core values are integral to all we do at St Maxentius. Inspired by God’s love for us, LOVE underpins everything we do : our relationships, our interactions, our learning and our success. Love binds our family together.  

‘Let everything you do be done in love’ Corinthians 16:14

HOPE sustains us through challenging times and gives us aspirations for our future. We look to God who gives us hope.


‘but those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint’ Isaiah 40:31


Our FAITH comes from the values and teachings of God and knowing that he is always with us. Our children grow faith in themselves and each other and develop their own core beliefs and morals to equip them as they journey through life. 

‘For nothing will be impossible with GOD’ Luke 1:37


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