Year 4

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Welcome to Year 4 Class Page

Year 4 Spring Term Update

Key dates:

Wednesday 8th January- school reopens

Wednesday 15th January- Termly update for parents (PowerPoint emailed to those who cannot attend)

Friday 7th February- NSPCC Number Day (More details to follow)

Wednesday 12th February- Disco. KS2 7pm-8pm

Friday 14th February- School closes for half term

Monday 24th February- School reopens

Monday 2nd March- Spotlight on Year 4 for Facebook

Wednesday 4th March- Story Magic Theatre- Read to Achieve- The Magic of Stories

Thursday 5th March- GB Athlete visiting school (Sponsored event – More details to follow)

Friday 6th March- World Book Day (More details to follow)

Wednesday 18th March- Parents Evening

Friday 27th March- Easter Service 9am. School closes at 2.30pm


Our topics for this term are;

  • Journey to America – Studying migration to the USA and the geography of North America
  • Playlist – Studying the impact of music on society through history
  • United Kingdom – Studying the major cities and physical geography



This half-term we will be reading The Indian in the Cupboard by Lynne Reid Banks.

We will be writing:

  • Non-fiction reports
  • Narrative based on wordless picturebooks
  • Sound poetry

Handwriting is cursive and practised through spellings and applied in all work.

To develop our spoken language skills we will:

  • have opportunities for them to develop their spoken language in all subjects.
  • be regularly presenting what they have learnt to other children and adults.


Children receive a school reading book and choose a library book to read at home.

Children should be reading a range of texts from novels, magazines, comics, information texts.

Please complete your child’s reading record when you have heard them read at home – the expectation is a minimum of once per week but any more than this would be brilliant!



We will focus on

  • Fractions
  • Decimals

Times tables are really important to a whole range of mathematical areas we cover throughout the year. By Year 4, children should know all their tables up to 12 x 12 and their related division facts.

Please practice times tables at home if this is an area your child needs to develop. There are many games that can make this fun such as Times tables Rock stars!


Our first topic is Electricity

We will:

Learn about how a simple series circuit is made.

Find out which materials conductors or insulators.

Test circuits to see how adding batteries changes the effect of bulbs.

In Sound, children will learn about how vibrations create sound and how changing the strength of vibrations will change the sound.


Children will learn about the European exploration of North America and the indigenous Native American cultures.

After half term, children will learn about Music through history, particularly how music affected cultural changes in the 20th Century.


Children will explore the continent of North America, studying maps and learning about people and places.

After half term, children will focus on the United Kingdom, learning about the physical and human geography of our Country and studying important people and places.


In R.E., we will be learning about the Holy Trinity, in particular the role of Jesus as the Son of God.

After half term, we will focus on the Easter story, particularly the ideas of betrayal.


PE will take place on Monday mornings and Tuesday afternoons. We will be focussing on Gymnastics and Dance.

Please ensure your child has a full PE kit in school – including suitable footwear – on these days. Girls with long hair should bring a bobble into school to tie up their hair for health and safety reasons during PE lessons and earrings should either be covered by tape (provided by school) or removed.



In our Playlist topic, we will be learning about influential musicians through time and will be making our own musical instruments.

Art and Design/Design Technology

In Art and DT, we will be studying Native American traditional artworks, particularly totem poles. We will study the line, shape and colours used to create each totem and design our own. Using these designs, we will explore a range of material to build a totem pole by joining different materials together.

Home Reading

Children will have access to the school library every week where they can choose a book to read either in school or at home. In addition, children are welcome to choose a book to read from our well stocked class library. Children’s love of reading for pleasure is something which we hope we can nurture throughout this year. Asking your child to tell you about their book and asking them questions about the plot and characters would be very beneficial.

Water bottles

When it is sunny, the classroom is very warm, even if the temperature outside is modest! For their comfort, please ensure your child  has a water bottle in school every day.

Our reading scheme for this year is Oxford Reading Tree!

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