Year 2

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Welcome to the Year 2 class page.

I hope everyone has had a lovely Christmas and a happy New Year!

Key dates:

Wednesday 8th January- school re-opens

Wednesday 15th January- Termly update for parents (PowerPoint emailed to those who cannot attend)

Friday 7th February- NSPCC Number Day

Monday 10th February- Spotlight on Year 2 all week. Photos will be on Facebook the following week.

Wednesday 12th February- Disco. KS1 6pm- 6.45pm

Friday 14th February- School closes for half term

Monday 24th February- School reopens

Tuesday 3rd March- Year 2 class trip to Brockholes

Wednesday 4th March- Story Magic Theatre- Read to Achieve- The Magic of Stories

Thursday 5th March- GB athletes to visit school (sponsored event, more information to follow)

Friday 6th March- World Book Day (rearranged to accommodate GB athletes)

Wednesday 11th March- Year 2 Daily Worship

Wednesday 18th March- Parents Evening

Friday 27th March- Easter Service 9am. School closes at 2.30pm

Curriculum News

Our topics for this term are;

  • Towers Tunnels and Turrets
    • This topic has a range of focuses including science (materials), history (castles in the area, castles around the UK) and geography (locating castles on map, using and creating maps with simple keys).
  • Wriggle and Crawl
    • This topic has a predominantly science focus with some elements of geography.


This half-term we will be doing lots of writing based on our ‘Towers, Tunnels and Turrets’ topic.

We will write information texts using the information we have learned about castles and we will write our own stories based on books we are reading in class.

Year 2 have daily phonics lessons where we will be looking at new spelling patterns and rules as well as learning how to spell our common exception words.

Handwriting will continue to be a focus in all sessions.


Year 2 have daily phonics lessons where they will continue to focus on decoding unfamiliar words and reading fluency. They also have daily guided reading session which have focuses of different reading skills such as inference, prediction and comprehension.

Children’s love of reading for pleasure is something which I believe to be very important. Your child will have the opportunity to change their home reading books as well as having access to the school library. We ask that you try to read at home as much as possible you’re your child, asking them to tell you about their book and asking them questions about the plot and characters.

Children are heard independently by staff on a 1-1 basis every week.


In maths this term we will be working hard to improve our maths skills. We will be covering;

  • The four operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division)
  • Times tables
  • Telling the time
  • Money (answering questions with money, recognising British coins and giving change)
  • Measurement (measuring length, weight and temperature and being able to decide which unit of measurement is best to use)

This term we are going to be spending more time using Times Table Rock Stars in lessons to get better at our times tables and the speed we answer them.


Our first science topic for this term is ‘Materials’. We are going to be exploring which materials are best for certain uses such as which materials would make the best rain coat. We are going to learn about the scientist Charles Macintosh and his invention of waterproof fabric. We will also look at how objects made from certain materials change shape.

Our second science topic for this term is living things and their habitats. We are going to be going on our class trip to Brockholes where we will be exploring different habitats and going hunting for minibeasts!


In history we will be learning all about castles and the different parts of them. As part of our geography for this half term we will look at maps to explore castles local to us and in the UK. We will look at famous castles, towers and bridges around the world. Aside from this, we will be using atlases to explore a world map. The children will learn to name and locate the seven continents and five oceans in around the world.

We will also be learning about the scientist Charles Macintosh within our science lessons. But as a history link, we will be exploring the history of his life and all about his invention.


In the first half term our RE topic is ‘Jesus, friend to everyone’. Within this topic we will explore the stories of Jesus’ miracles and understand that Jesus welcomed everyone and was a friend to everyone.

In the second half term our RE topic is ‘Easter signs and symbols’. This topic will give children an understanding that symbols are pictures or objects with a deeper meaning or a story to tell. We will explore the Easter story and expand the children’s understanding of the importance of Easter and the conception of salvation.


This terms PE topic is gymnastics with some elements of dance.

PE will take place on Tuesday afternoon and Friday morning.
Please ensure your child has a full PE kit in school – including suitable footwear – on these days. During the colder months, joggers can be worn as some PE sessions may still be outside.


In Art the children will be using a variety of methods to design and create their own coat of arms. Before designing it, they will research what coat of arms are for and what the different section/symbols can represent or mean.

Other information

Knowledge organisers are sent home to support your child’s topic and maths learning. These contain an outline of areas covered in school.

Times Table Rock Stars – ensures quick, rapid recall of multiplication and division facts. Children have their own log ins for this online resource which should be stuck into inside front cover of their reading journal.

Our reading scheme for this year is Big Cat!

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