School Council

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Our school council is a representative group of students who have been elected by their peers to represent their views and raise issues with the senior managers and governors of the school.

They can propose and lead on projects on behalf of their peers and be involved in planning and guiding the progress of the school. School council are also involved in the appointment of staff.

All classes from Reception to Year 6 hold elections in the first few weeks of September to choose a boy and a girl to represent each class. The Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary and Accountant are then voted for within the School Council. The Chair leads the meetings, with Mrs. Bennett’s support and the Secretary minutes what is said.

The school council have been responsible for organising our Charity Weeks and deciding on ways in which we can make our playtime experiences even better. This year. They have decided to do some specific fund raising for picnic benches in our main yard so children can play quiet games or draw if they choose to.

A class council meeting is held at least once a half term where the children can raise any issues and make suggestions. These comments are recorded by the class representatives and then shared with the School Council at half termly meetings. Ideas are debated and suggestions put forward so that we can make decisions about the future development of our school.