Chairs Report to Parents

After a year packed with many exciting initiatives I have lots to report, so whilst I’m keen to keep my report as brief as possible, I want to make sure I include all the relevant information for you.


So let’s start with enhances that directly affect the learning in our school and that will impact the most on our children. When agreeing any learning material, the governing body work alongside the head teacher to ensure that any budget we allocate to extra resources directly impacts on areas where the school is looking to influence and impact on learning. The two main initiatives we have introduced this year have been the Cornerstones and Big Maths – both are designed to enhance the learning in our school and both have had a positive impact. Some of the materials were displayed for you to see at our recent parents evening.


We have introduced Bug Club and Abacus Maths to support online learning with our reception children and there was a meeting for parents to demonstrate how this can be used at home as well as in school with the newest members of our school community.

The new curriculum has started in this new school year and alongside this is the new way of assessing learning in the school. It is important that the children continue to be able to work under test conditions and as such assessments will continue in the classroom environment on a regular basis. This is supported by Target tracking of progress by teachers on a weekly basis. In addition we have implemented a new RE curriculum which has been adopted by the Manchester diocese which again has involved learning by governors and teachers alike.


We have had the music service in school to support the teaching of music and we have also had support in PE from external consultants supporting in classes. These services have been a success and further budget has been allocated to continue these into this school year. We continue to increase the number of iPads we have in school which are shared between the classrooms on a daily basis.


Always keen to encourage the Christian ethos of the school we have implemented learning around British Values, looking at mutual tolerance and respect, democracy, individual liberty and rule of law and our British Value day involved mixing classes of different age groups to complete various activities with this theme. I would encourage you to look at the displays around the school, showcasing the work of many of our children to show you some of the work involved.

There were many extra-curricular school activities in which our children were involved. Pop UK was once again a huge success for the children, teachers and parents and church community.


We once again held an engineering week where representatives from the engineering industry came in to talk to our children about what they do.


We have held our termly open days and curriculum evenings to involve parents in our school life and to enable you to have an understanding of what is going on in the classroom.


Our orchestra and Choir have gone from strength to strength this year with numerous performances in and out of school, most recently performing at the Audacious Church.


We have funded quite a few changes to aesthetics of the school this year, converting the stage to a meeting room which can still be converted back to a stage for our school performances. We have added canopies to the outside areas to provide shelter to the playground areas and a significant amount of money was spent repairing the hall roof over the summer.

You will all be familiar with the fantastic art work that we have been able to showcase on the outside walls of our school and we had local artist Suzi Harrilow in school to support our children with this and a fantastic ceremony with the Archdeacon to celebrate the 1500 year anniversary of the Saint Maxentius and to showcase the children’s work.


We have launched our new school website and a Facebook page. On our new website page there are details of your school Governors and many of our governors are actively involved with the school and spend many hours supporting us. We hold regular meetings to review the performance of the school, agree how we can best allocate budget to benefit our children, to discuss the school curriculum and to consider ways we can enhance the school. This is a big commitment and I would like to thank the governors and teachers for their ongoing support.


I would also like to take this opportunity to thank you, the parents for your support. I have attended Patchwork meetings, new parents meetings and many of the events held in school where I have had the opportunity to meet many of you and your support is invaluable.


I look forward to another successful year for our school and children and to seeing you all throughout the school year.
Michelle Gribbin – Chair of Governors
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Last Updated On April 24, 2018